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Middle School Programs
Online Course Offerings
Sixth Grade Intramurals

Sixth grade students are offered after school intramural programs in basketball, which focuses upon basic skills.

The AAA program has been recognized at the state and national level. This program provides incentives designed to acknowledge students' achievements in the areas of Academics, Attendance and Attitude.
After School Tutoring
EMS offers a tutoring program for 6th-8th grade students in language arts and mathematics.  This program runs through the second and third marking periods of the school year.

Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP)

The Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP) at Western Michigan University’s Lee Honors College is designed for academically talented middle and high school students.

Behavioral Services
A comprehensive program offering: support groups, individual, family, and staff consultations; family education nights; crisis counseling; leadership training; life skills presentations; and after school and summer programs.  Class meetings occur with students, with the support of the assistant principal, to  teach students and make them award of concepts such as: conflict resolution, sexual harassment, and problem-solving skills.
Exploratory Options
Sixth grade students are offered the opportunity to take a 9-week exploratory course in Art, Computers, Family and Consumer Science, and Technology Education.
Gender Specific Classrooms
Gender specific classrooms are designed for teachers to use brain research and best practice to vary instructrional strategies to meet the specific learning needs of boys and girls.
Kindness is Contagious Program
This program is intended to reward students for charitable acts toward staff, students, or visitors in our school building.  Each teacher will have a supply of tickets which they hand out when they observe a good deed.  Each week, a drawing occurs where students are honored with prizes.
Reading Renaissance
This comprehensive reading program is offered in the sixth grade curriculum. Students earn points by passing computerized tests over selected readings. The Reading Renaissance program provides all students the opportunity to further enhance their reading skills on an individual basis and at their own pace.
SRA Reading Program
A direct instructional program that focuses on decoding skills has been implemented to help special needs stuidents and sixth grade students become more fluent and accurate readers. 
Sixth Grade Teams
Sixth grade students are offered a preference of two different two-teacher teams and one three-teacher team to help make a smoother transition into the Middle School.
Student-Led Conferences
Students utilize portfolios and oral presentations to demonstrate academic progress to their parents.  Since utilizing this type of conference at the middle school level, parent and student attendance has increased.
Student Planners
Planners, which include the Student Code of Conduct, are provided for all students during the first week of school. They are designed to improve student organization, record daily assignments, and encourage communication between school and home.
TAT Meetings
Teacher Assistance Team meetings provide educational support and ideas for teachers who may have students experiencing difficulties.
Language Arts Remediation
This program is designed to provide remediation for students who scored at level 2L (low 2) or level 3H (high 3) on the previous year's MEAP language arts assessment.  Students meet with language arts teachers, after school twice a week, for one hour to work on objectives that meet each student's individual weaknesses.  This program runs from the second week of school until MEAP testing occurs in October.
Mathematics Remediation
This program is designed to provide remediation for students who scored at level 2L (low 2) or level 3H (high 3) on the previous year's MEAP mathematics assessment.  Students meet with mathematics teachers, after school twice a week, for on hour to work on objectives that meet each student's individual weaknesses.  This program runs from the second week of school until MEAP testing occurs in October.
Peer Mediation
Each year, a cross representation of students is trained as mediators for the Peer Mediation program. As conflict managers, kids-help-kids to develop mutually agreed upon solutions using a problem solving process. The goal of the program is to enhance peer relationships and further develop life-long conflict resolution skills.
Principal's List Luncheon
Students who maintain a 4.0 throughout a semester will be taken out to lunch with the Principal in acknowledgement of their academic excellence.
Student of the Month Recognition
Students are recognized on a monthly basis for demonstrating significant daily effort and excellence in academics. Also students are awarded for demonstrating a positive, cooperative and congenial attitude to others daily. Pictures of these students are displayed on a bulletin board in front of the building. A Student of the Month dinner is held in the spring recognizing these students on their accomplishments.
Davenport Achievement Series
This program is designed for students to participate in the "Tutorial/Enrichment" experience.  Students meet every Wednesday in Mathematics and Language Arts to be a part of remediation (re-teaching of an objective that a student struggles with based on mini-assessment results) or enrichment (activities that provide further enhancement of learning).  Teachers in this program develop a school calendar to emphasize weak objective areas, which were analyzed and decided upon based on students' performance on the MEAP assessment.  Edwardsburg Middle School continues to make decisions on how we can increase the amount of time we provide remediation for our students in this program.
Educational Talent Search (ETS)
ETS is a college preparation program funded by the U.S. Department of Education TRIO Programs. The goal of this program is to provide students in grades 6-8 with support, motivation, and encouragement toward educational advancement and pursuit of postsecondary educational programs. This goal is reached by providing small group and individual assistance in various service areas.
NWEA Assessment
Each student in the middle school will take an NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) assessment, once in the fall and once in the spring. This assessment measures each student's progress or growth in three areas: reading, language usage, and mathematics.
Student Climate Committees
Students at each grade level were selected by staff to be part of these grade level committees designed to address and discuss student climate issues. Students meet with the behavioral specialist periodically throughout the school year to discuss these concerns.

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