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From the Principal

Edwardsburg Public Schools Vision
Edwardsburg Public Schools collaborates with all stakeholders to empower all Eddies to
prepare for their future through the use of innovative, diverse, and inspiring learning
opportunities in an environment where standards of excellence will not be
Edwardsburg Public Schools Mission
Edwardsburg Public Schools will maximize all EDDIES’ potential to be successful in life.
Dear EMS Families,
Welcome to Edwardsburg Middle School! On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to
welcome you to a 2023-2024 school year that is going to be filled with high expectations
and memorable experiences for staff and students alike! Mr. Cebra and I will give our
very best to Edwardsburg Middle School so that our outstanding staff can excel and our
students receive the best education! We pledge to combine our experience and
relentless work ethic with us in order to aid in the ever important job of preparing our
students for high school.
The success and sound reputation of Edwardsburg Middle School is the result of an
experienced and student-centered staff in addition to incredible student, parent, and
community support. The partnership between school and home might be the single
most important variable to the academic and social success of students. At EMS our
staff has worked hard and will continue to work hard to create a sense of community
with all of our students.
We would like to ask a favor of you as you have conversations about school. Please
encourage your EMS student to do the following three things throughout their time with
  1. Attend school regularly! One of the greatest indicators of attaining a High School
    diploma is solid Middle School attendance, especially in the 8 th grade. This is a
    critical time period in adolescent development and if bad habits are formed, they
    become very difficult to break. Please instill in your student the perseverance to
    attend school even when they may have stayed up too late, are fearful of an
    upcoming test, or are struggling with a peer relationship, etc. If your student
    comes through our doors on a regular basis, they will be in good hands and will
    be developing a habit that is essential to future academic success.
  2. Get involved! Students who look to pursue interests in extra-curricular or co-
    curricular events build a sense of commitment to the school as a whole. There is
    a sense of connectedness when you invest in more than just what is required.
    EMS has much to offer in terms of athletics, activities, and student leadership
    opportunities so that every student can have an area of interest to pursue.
  3. Bring your best! Coming to school regularly, as previously mentioned, is incredibly
    important. However, when here it is important to be engaged appropriately so that
    our outstanding staff can best grow your student academically. Learn to navigate
    challenges because it is through difficulty that we develop our greatest
    understanding and strengths.

Thank you for trusting us with your student(s). Together we will work hard to achieve
the appropriate academic and social development of our Eddies and when we do, we
will celebrate it. Here’s to an outstanding 2023-2024 school year, “Go Eddies”!
Mr. Joshua Bourne